Deb Hoare

lives in New Plymouth. She trained originally as a draughtswoman which has influenced her 'contemporary realism' painting style. The demand for her dramatic and detailed landscapes is increasing every year and her work is in private collections throughout New Zealand, Australia, U.K., Canada and the U.S.A.

Jane Brimblecombe

produces exquisite hand-cut mosaic mirrors, often with an Art Deco theme but is also a sculptor, painter and composer. Her commissioned works are throughout the world...New York, London, Europe, Canada and Australia. She is an Artist member of the NZ Academy of Fine Arts and works from her studio in Wellington.


Craig Fletcher

creates his ceramic masterpieces in Auckland. His technique of handpainting, sculpting and firing his work to achieve a two-dimensional effect is truely unique. Craig also incorporates gold leaf in many of his works, produces silver and bronze jewellery and a range of beautiful gift cards. His ceramic pendants and earrings depict NZ themes and birds in rich colours and also on white background.


Lynne Crooks

lives in the Eastern Bays of Wellington and paints watercolour artworks of local seascapes and landscapes, capturing the ever-changing panoramas of Wellington harbour and New Zealand. She has exhibited at the Academy of Fine Arts, Van Helden Gallery and the Millwood Gallery in Wellington.


Lori Davis

has had her studio/gallery in Nelson for many years and is an internationally known artist. She uses heavy grade watercolour paper to produce glowing, detailed panoramas and still lifes in gouche and watercolour. Her giclee prints (25 only of each original) are numbered and signed. Lori's public and private commissioned works are in NZ, Australia, U.S.A. and the U.K.


Don Wilson

has been a professional artist, and musician based in the Wellington region of New Zealand for over twenty years. Don's reputation as an artist is steadily growing and he presently divides his time between painting, sculpture, and music. Since 1987 he has lived with his family on the Kapiti Coast, a place that he finds a rich source of inspiration; " I find Wellington and surrounds a visually stunning area, geographically diverse and with constantly changing moods, that make it an exciting place to be a painter".


Tina Drayton

a self taught artist, grew up in Rangataua on the family farm under Mt Ruapehu, New Zealand. After traveling throughout the world, Tina now has her studio in Wanganui where she has her young family. Her rich, vibrant palette and quirky interpretations of domestic scenes reflects her upbeat outlook on life.


Janet Brady

is a Wellington based artist who specializes in the purity of light in cloud, seascapes and mountain landscapes. She works mainly in oils and her delicate details in even the most majestic landscapes is unsurpassed.

Stephanie Crisp

lives in Lyttelton, Canterbury but spent many years teaching art in Hamilton schools. Her work is strong, vibrant, richly coloured and full of stories of NZ life and culture. Her work has been widely exhibited throughout NZ and resides in many collections in NZ, Australia, and the UK.

Jo Luping

ceramic collection captures New Zealand's coastal landforms and indigenous flora and bird-life. Her touchstones, delicate bowls and vases are instantly recognizable and well-known throughout NZ and Australia.


Kim Morgan

has been making and firing his pottery for over 30 years and strikes the perfect balance between timelessness and modern functional pieces. He is continually experimenting with glazes and reactions to heat in his kilns. His mugs, bowls, teapots, jugs, lidded and unlidded casserole dishes and large richly textured platters are used daily in New Zealand and worldwide.