Photo courtesy Simon Hoyle, Southlight Studios

Van Helden Gallery was established in Days Bay by Leo Van Helden and his wife Julie in the early 1960's. It was his dream to gather together the artistic works of New Zealand artisans in his beachfront Gallery and showcase them to both local and overseas visitors. Forty years on and four owners later, Van Helden Gallery maintains its position as one of the best known and oldest Wellington art galleries.
Director of Van Helden Gallery, Claire Schmidt, acquired the Gallery in August 2009 and since then has been building on Van Helden's reputation with new ranges of pottery, glassware and unique gifts and craft from New Zealand's best artisans as well as a great variety of affordable paintings of all genres. Claire has 30 years experience in Interior design and retail and has a B/A in Ancient History and Art History.
Days Bay is renowned for its beautiful beach, restaurants, cafes and leisure pursuits, so please do visit us to discover a unique part of Wellington. Only 20 minutes by East by West Ferry from Queens Wharf in the City, or a 25 minute drive to lovely Days Bay - if you haven't been here recently it's time to come and share the "Days Bay Experience!".


The Directors of Van Helden Gallery are Claire Schmidt and Hamish Morison.
We bought Van Helden Gallery in August 2009 and have now restocked the gallery with a wide and varied selection of first class works from painters, potters, glass artisans and jewellery makers from around New Zealand.


Hamish is originally from Hawkes Bay but has spent most of his working life in Wellington. As a boy he spent 3 years at Wellesley College in Days Bay and is now happy to be back living in this idyllic spot, 

Claire is from Brisbane, Queensland and has been in Wellington since 2007. She is an artist in her own right, managed a screenprinting business when living in Australia, has worked in retail for 30 years and loves owning such a unique and beautiful gallery on the beach at Days Bay.